Laleh V. Hanks

Laleh V. Hanks, Founder of Benefits and Brews is the CEO and Broker for America Choice Mortgage & Benefits. After 20 years in the mortgage industry, a former Navy Spouse, parent to the children of an Active-Duty Naval officer, sibling to an Air Force Veteran and government Firefighter who lost his battle with PTSD; Laleh has a strong passion to inform Veterans of one of their most powerful benefits, the VA Home Loan. Benefits and Brews Tour was established to provide a fun, safe, educational environment for Veterans, First Responders, and any other American trying to better understand and make a plan to reach their own American Dream. At our events you can expect food, drinks, music, and education & resources. Most importantly knowledge simplifying the process, combating myths and misinformation about the VA loan all complimentary for Veterans and First Responders. 




Laleh Hanks founded America Choice Mortgage in 2005 out of a desire to bring an honest, ethical, and educational process to buyers and homeowners which seemed to be missing from the market. The name says it all. We want to support the “American Dream” of home ownership throughout our community from coast to coast. The company’s vision dwells on building and maintaining long-term relationships with clients and assisting them through every choice they make. America Choice has expanded as a boutique-style mortgage brokerage allowing access to all types of mortgage products for many different situations. We are focused on helping our Military and First responders. Without their sacrifice and service, we would not be afforded the opportunity to help so many.

Continuing her successful twenty years of experience in the industry as Mortgage Consultant and Purchase Loan Specialist, Laleh clearly saw the more informed and educated an individual is, the more powerful they will feel. Expert knowledge includes, but is not limited to, VA mortgages, FHA lending, Conventional / Agency loans, Jumbo loans, Equity Lines, and single premium PMI buyout options. We believe knowledge is power and when clients are educated, they make choices that are right for them.

America Choice Mortgage due to demand has transitioned to listings with America Choice Realty. Our ultimate goal is to help as many people as possible become homeowners, investors, and simply use the trifecta of benefits and income that owning a home can provide. Due to our experience, diligent work ethic, and strong values, it may not be surprising that 95% of our business is from referrals and return clients. We utilize a problem-solving approach and a calm persistence for every transaction and client interaction. We love the work we do, and the business we represent and in turn, our clients enjoy their experience of working with us and know we can help others. America Choice Mortgage is thankful for every loyal client gained thus far and looks forward to what the future holds!


America Choice Benefits is an employee benefit program that provides discounts, education, resources, and tools for employees through the assistance of a group of professional service providers. Employees have access to local professionals and resources with credit planning, mortgage financing, real estate, taxes, and anything else they need. Trusted professionals, workshops and more are all easily accessible. The goal is to take care of each employee by imparting as much financial wisdom on them as possible so that they can reach their own American Dream. Working with America Choice Benefits is extremely beneficial for both the employer and for the employee potentially saving them thousands of dollars.

America Choice Benefits works as a Corporate Benefit package. This allows employees to access expert knowledge not only from America Choice Mortgage but also from a powerhouse of local professionals. America Choice Mortgage and Benefits aim to provide a powerhouse of local professionals as a corporate benefit package with a mutual goal of empowering and serving the community so we can all reach our “American Dream” together… because together we are stronger!


Our Mission at America Choice Realty is a boutique brokerage here to help everyone find their way to build their own American Dream through expert professionals providing education, thorough analysis and
evaluation of all options. Our overall goal is to get you top dollar for your property, connect you with the perfect agent for you, and fully evaluate the best lending options and structure. We believe that a knowledgeable and giving community is a powerful one. Evaluation of all options.


Country Coast 2 Coast (CC2C) is a growing platform for musicians, artists and nonprofits. We believe that through the efforts of #ClassyCountry we can solve many of the world’s problems. Between music, art and giving back we can really make a change. I lost my youngest brother to PTSD in 2016. It was and still a crushing blow to our family, and to think that 22 families each day go through the pain our family has endured is appalling. To learn that the VA’s solution to my brother’s PTSD was five layers of pharmaceuticals was even more devastating. I do believe with pain comes passion and the only way I can survive the pain is to face it each day with vengeance.
Therefore, we want to provide coping skills for Veterans and First Responders and create a platoon of #CamaraderieCommanders to bring back the common camaraderie that many feel stripped of after they return home from service. I have a great team of people that support our vision and we will continue to grow and serve people because that is what it means to be an American. “CountryCoast2Coast (CC2C) is a Media and event platform for musicians, artists and nonprofits.” I am creatively following my passion with massive conviction and action. I believe in the quote “People do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” If you come at any project from the right place it will grow, and all will be served.